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Mar 21 / 2020

Celebrating Surveyors: The Masters of Measurement.

Today, 21st March is Global Surveyors’ Day which celebrates the masters of measurement who have shaped history and the physical world around us. Virtually nothing is constructed without a surveyor. Here are some interesting facts about surveyors that you probably didn't know!

Feb 10 / 2020

When Does Your Defects Liability End?

Well done! Your approved development has been constructed and is now operational. It is time to review your maintenance securities held by Council for development works and land infrastructure. What happens next, who is responsible for development components such as civil works and landscaping, and what happens after the "On-maintenance" period expires? Click on the title to find out.

Oct 10 / 2019

Planning for Society’s Most Vulnerable

With the mark of World Homelessness Day, it seems like no better time to look into our very own backyard and open our eyes to the ever-changing face of homelessness in Brisbane. It’s no secret that homelessness is a complex, multifaceted issue that holds a heavy stigma in our society, but who exactly is our homeless population?

Sep 3 / 2019


Wolter Consulting Group (WCG) congratulates the Queensland Government on the initiative to address a range of design issues that are affecting our emerging communities.  WCG supports the rationales that underpin the initiative to create healthy and active communities, however, in our response to Qld Government, we highlight several concerns with the new draft Model Code for Neighbourhood Design document, including, its wording and how it is to be implemented, and the overall consultation process for the initiative.

Jun 21 / 2019

The Future Depends on a YIMBY Mindset.

The Property Council of Australia's Inaugural Future Cities Summit in Sydney presented many important conversations about sustainable, smart and liveable cities, as industry leaders shared their thoughts and calls to action. But one message that particularly stood out was the groundswell support of the YIMBY movement including the recognition that developing a YIMBY mindset is key to future proof Australian cities. Here is what we took away from this event. Click on the title to read more.

Jun 7 / 2019

Infrastructure Designations Explained.

An Infrastructure Designation is like Planning Gold! No longer bestowed on only public sector entities, an Infrastructure Designation (ID) is an opportunity to designate premises for the development of essential infrastructure and services, faster, at lower cost and without risk of appeal. Previously, only public entities were able to request these designations, however since the introduction of the Planning Act 2016, the process is able to be requested by private entities as well.

May 15 / 2019

Proposed Changes to Deep Planting in Brisbane City Council: What You Need to Know.

Deep planting is planting that is 100% open to the sky (no overhead structures) and 100% in natural ground with no underground infrastructure (no underground car parks or service conduits encased in concrete). Some of the proposed changes to deep planting, if adopted by Council, may substantially reduce the net usable space of a site, which may, in some cases, create feasibility issues for our clients. Click on the title to learn more.

May 8 / 2019

Keeping Brisbane’s Story Alive with 3D Scanning Technologies.

Important historical and economic benefits of heritage sites usually come to mind when talking about internationally famous landmarks. As for social and community benefits, let’s take a step back to our own hometown. People who have never lived in Brisbane would be unlikely to know anything about our city’s best gems such as the Customs House, the Windmill, the Woolstores, ANZAC Square or the Breakfast Creek Hotel. Yet to our residents and off-the-beaten-track visitors alike, these places are significant parts of Brisbane’s identity. We know them, we identify with them and therefore, they underpin our sense of belonging to this city and to Brisbane community.