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Apr 26 / 2019

‘One Step Forward, Two Steps Back’ for Brisbane?

What are the potential outcomes for our city, based on the recent Major Amendment Package E to Brisbane City Plan? This question is at the forefront of many minds in our industry, and everyone else who cares about housing, sustainability and liveability of our city. We support Council in its initiative to implement improvements and innovations including formally recognising car sharing services, however we believe there is potential for much more successful outcomes if some of the proposed amendments were not so restrictive and prescriptive.

Mar 22 / 2019

From Real Rocks to Virtual Buildings: A history of drafting.

Drafting is known to be one of the oldest documented professions, with the earliest drawings found on cave walls and dating back many thousands of years. The earliest recorded piece of history discovered, was the drafting board which dates back to 2000 – 3000 B.C and features a fossilised aerial view of a Babylonian castle. With rocks being used as drafting tools, the life of a Drafter was definitely not as we know it today.

Feb 27 / 2019

Orange is the New Green: Enhancing Environmental Sustainability Inside and Out.

After launching our company's internal sustainability program “Orange is the New Green” mid-2018, WCG Team were able to raise $1,000 through the reusable coffee cup (KeepCups) initiative, which we proudly donated to the Bremer Catchment Association during their first team meeting of 2019. It is great to see that our company’s internal sustainability efforts have transferred into a significant financial benefit for an organisation that shares our values.

Jan 21 / 2019

Leadership is what we value!

We would like to congratulate our Directors, Natalie Rayment and Andrew Crawford, and our Senior Associate Town Planner, Brad Jones, on being re-elected to the Property Council of Australia (PCA) Member Committees for 2019-2020 in Queensland.

Sep 14 / 2018

Seascape – A Well-Positioned Future.

Our client Villa World goes beyond delivering a house or a piece of land. Their recent development Seascape in Redland Bay, offers designer homes situated in a growth location close to the proposed Weinam Creek marina development. The goal of this development was ‘a well-positioned future’. Wolter Consulting Group have been proudly involved in this project from the early stages, providing Town Planning, Surveying and Environmental services.

Jul 13 / 2018

Orange is the New Green!

Sustainability is important to Wolter Consulting Group and we believe the culmination of small changes in our everyday will elicit positive environmental outcomes. That is why July marks the launch of WCG’s Sustainability Program: ‘Orange is the New Green!’.