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Stephen Hayes on MLES, Sustainability and Affordability for Establish Magazine, Spring 2019


WCG Senior Environmental Consultant, Stephen Hayes talks to UDIA and Establish magazine readers about MLES, sustainability and housing affordability.

"As the planning framework has increasingly adapted to the need to conserve and protect MLES, the "Green Cities" concept has concurrently evolved into one of the great global imperatives, setting apart the world's leading cities in the quality of life rankings. 'Green cities' are also increasingly being demanded by our community for both lifestyle and environmental sustainability for future generations.  In a practical sense, this not only means protecting and conserving MLES, but also protecting and creating other green space areas such as parks, areas of landscaping and deep planting.  Unfortunately, the double-edged sword of this scenario is that with the green city comes the negative impact on land availability, limitations on development footprints and overall reduction in development yields and, as a consequence, the increased impact to the hip pocket of prospective home owners."

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This article was first published in Establish magazine, Issue 112, Spring 2019. Urban Development Institute of Australia, Queensland.