Our Leaders

As a mid-sized, multi-disciplinary consultancy, WCG provides a platform of blended knowledge and experience, allowing its team members to grasp a well-rounded understanding of the industry. Its team members, ranging from junior staff to project leads and company directors, are actively approachable and accessible which is reflected in the company’s strong client retention and level of service outcomes. WCG continually works towards tailoring individual expertise to projects to ensure the right people are on the right jobs.

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  • Michael Wolter Managing Director

    Michael is the founding partner of Wolter Consulting Group and has over 35 years’ experience in the industry. He is responsible for the overall leadership and strategic direction of the company.

    Michael has established numerous relationships with local government authorities throughout South East Queensland and is instrumental in establishing the initial strategy phase for larger projects. He takes a key interest in urban design, identifying commercial opportunities and innovative solutions to constraints.

    E: [email protected]

  • Natalie Rayment Executive Director

    Natalie has built a career in town planning over the last 25 years. Her experience in both the private and public sector has culminated in her role as Executive Director of Wolter Consulting Group. Natalie is a Registered Planner with the Planning Institute of Australia, a recognised expert town planning witness to the Court and specialises in statutory planning and development facilitation. Natalie is also a Member of the Property Council 2019/2020 Retirement Living Committee and Deputy Chair of the HIA Qld Planning Committee.

    In early 2016, Natalie co-founded YIMBY Qld, a not-for-profit public interest organisation, saying yes in my back yard to good development that makes for better living. And in 2019, she joined the Board of Beddown as Deputy Chair. Beddown is a charitable organisation providing pop-up accommodation hubs for those who are most vulnerable.

    E: [email protected]

  • Andrew Crawford Executive Director

    Andrew has over 29 years’ experience across all facets of planning, development, infrastructure and consultation through a range of private sector and Government roles. Together with Natalie, Andrew leads WCG as Executive Director. Andrew maintains an active interest in industry advocacy and continuing professional development.  He actively participates on committees and advisory bodies, and attends, participates and speaks at conferences and seminars.

    Prior to joining WCG, Andrew managed the highly successful Brisbane Urban Renewal Task Force. In this capacity, Andrew was responsible for establishing a statutory planning framework for urban renewal areas, facilitating significant catalyst projects and co-ordinating the planning and delivery of community and capital works infrastructure.

    E: [email protected]  

  • Brad Jones Director of Planning

    As the Director of the Wolter Consulting Group planning team, Brad brings over 18 years’ experience in delivering high quality residential commercial, industrial and mixed use developments to key clients. Having spent his career working closely with surveyors and urban designers, Brad has an extensive understanding of the land creation process and is considered an industry leader on the emerging trends in urban design.

    Brad’s extensive industry experience and collaborative and outgoing nature have resulted in excellent industry networks; enabling Brad to facilitate outcomes for clients through engagement with political and senior government contacts.

    Brad presently holds the position as Chair of the Property Council of Australia (Qld.) Residential Committee, a position he is extremely proud of, and one which acknowledges his experience and ongoing commitment to advocacy within the property industry.

    E: [email protected]

  • Ryan Maclellan Director of Project Delivery

    Ryan has over 18 years’ local and international experience in town planning and project management in both the public and private sectors. As a Director of Project Delivery at WCG, Ryan is responsible for the management and delivery of large scale land subdivisions, residential unit developments, commercial developments and government and strategic planning projects.

    Ryan specialises in all post approval services from conditions review, Infrastructure Agreement negotiations, bonding, on and off maintenance co-ordination, site management, easement and covenant preparation through to title registration.  

    E: [email protected]

  • David Uhlmann Director of Environment and Sustainability

    David is an Urban Designer, Registered Landscape Architect and Precinct Sustainability Consultant with over 28 years experience.

    David leads WCG’s Environment and Sustainability team with a current focus on the design-led application of Circular Economy principles and Sustainable Development goals to building and precinct projects.

    David is Green Star Accredited Professional (GSAP) for both Design/As-Built and Communities Rating Tools, and a Certified EcoDistricts Professional.

    He is a recognised industry leader, including current roles as the Queensland Chapter President for The Australian Institute of Landscape Architects, an advisory board member for the Australian Green Development Forum, and a Design review panel member for both Brisbane and Ipswich City Councils.

    E: [email protected]

  • Stephen Hayes Associate Director of Environment

    Stephen has been working in the South East Queensland region for over 19 years in the Environmental field. He has superior knowledge of the South East Queensland region, and has established relationships with key local stakeholders. His project experience is widespread throughout NSW, NT and QLD. 

    His career has also had significant focus on the development industry as an environmental consultant and has over 15 years direct involvement in the development industry preparing and delivering assessments of varying types for clients and being responsible for obtaining a variety of development approvals and permits under local, state and commonwealth legislation. This experience has provided Stephen with thorough knowledge of the development application process from small to large scale projects.

    Supporting his in-depth knowledge of ecological processes, Stephen is also a widely experienced Bushfire Analyst Consultant having undertaken numerous Bushfire hazard investigations for development assessment purposes, strategic planning for government and provision of expert witness advice for Court matters. This blend of disciplines provides a unique perspective for clients enabling effective development design analysing ecology and bushfire related issues hand in hand. 

    E: [email protected]

  • Brent O'Neill Director of Urban Design

    Brent O’Neill is an urban designer and master planner with a focus on delivering quality, viable urban outcomes, having over 20 years’ experience in property, planning and urban design. His experience includes delivering projects within local government, the private development sector and as a consultant. He has significant experience in delivering strategic urban outcomes with particular attention to place making and development feasibility.

    As a consulting urban designer Brent’s expertise in development includes master planning, context analysis, conceptual design, feasibility investigations, development controls and planning approval negotiations.

  • Andrew Thurston Director of Surveying

    Andrew has been a Registered Cadastral Surveyor with the Surveyors Board of Queensland for almost 30 years.  During this time he has gained significant experience in project managing the surveying components of a wide diversity of land development, infrastructure,  exploration, and construction projects in Queensland, New South Wales, Northern Territory and Papua New Guinea.

    Andrew's experience covers the full range of development projects from Master Planned Communities to Community Titles Schemes and small Standard Format Lots with High Density Development Easements.

  • Sue Perry Manager - Drafting Services

    Sue has been an integral part of WCG since its inception in 1993. With more than 40 years’ experience in the preparation of surveying and engineering plans, Sue is the Manager of Drafting and oversees the preparation of all survey related plans. Sue’s vast experience in survey drafting has resulted in the enviable plan drafting standard the company has achieved and continues to maintain.

    E: [email protected]

  • Bruce Williams Associate Director of Surveying / IT Manager

    Bruce is a registered surveyor and information technology generalist with more than 15 years’ experience in surveying, spatial information management and spatial information systems design and development. In his role as a Senior Surveyor and IT Manager, Bruce carries out office based surveying duties and oversees the entire ICT systems and technological needs of the organisation.

    E: [email protected]

  • Boyana Popvassilev Associate Director of Circular Economy

    Boyana joined the WCG team in early 2020 to launch our Circular Economy Department.  She is Bulgarian-born, was educated in Toronto Canada, and launched her private practice in Sustainable Interior Architecture and Wellness Buildings in New York City before relocating her work to Brisbane.  Her worldly experience and entrepreneurial disposition combined with passion for environmental responsibility are the drivers behind industry transition on private, state and local levels.  

    As a consultant, Boyana’s expertise are in designing closed loop systems for clients in the built environment, from urban design to property development and construction.  There’s a lot of change coming to our cities as we move away from our traditional ‘take-make-dispose’ management of products and resources.  Powered by innovation and technology, waste reduction and landfill diversion create resilient industries, high-quality products and new markets.  When there is no option, Boyana seeks to create one.  This year, she is embarking on upgrading Brisbane’s organic food waste collection.

  • Angela Dähn-Harvey Senior Surveyor

    Angela is a registered graduate surveyor with 17 years of experience in surveying and project management roles in South Africa, the UK and Australia. She has a broad range of experience in surveying and data collection, including cadastral surveying, topographic surveying, hydrographic surveying, GPS surveys, terrestrial scanning and 2D and 3D drafting. Angela has managed a number of small and large-scale survey projects and survey teams. She has worked in many different environments from inner city Central London, to rural Australia and tropical Papua New Guinea.

    E: [email protected]

  • Glenn Hanton Senior Surveyor

    Glenn is a registered surveyor with more than 15 years’ experience in surveying and project management roles with an emphasis on cadastral, engineering and mining surveying. Having joined WCG in 2014 as a Senior Surveyor, Glenn is responsible for the management and all survey deliverables on large scale land subdivisions across South East Queensland.

    E: [email protected]

  • Nick McKelvey 3D Spatial Specialist

    Nick has 15 years’ experience in the survey industry and has worked across a broad range of industries including development, infrastructure, construction,  sometimes in remote regions under extremely challenging conditions. Over the last 10 years he has focused on 3D spatial technologies, specialising in laser scanning and point clouds, but also developed a strong understanding of UAVs, LiDAR, and subsurface mapping. This focus has seen him gain knowledge and experience across the spatial industry but also into less conventional industries such as manufacturing, cultural heritage, visualisation and special effects.

    Nick has joined the team at Wolter Consulting Group to expand and develop the offerings of the team and assist clients achieve the best possible project outcomes.

    E: [email protected]

  • Michael Dargusch Associate Director of Planning

    Michael has over six years of professional experience in private consultancy within South-East Queensland. This experience has allowed him to contribute to all aspects of development applications within the WCG planning team. Michael has a strong understanding of local and state planning legislation, including the Sustainable Planning Act 2009 and Integrated Development Assessment System, State Planning Policy and various planning schemes throughout Queensland.

    E: [email protected]

  • Hannah Tohill Associate - Planning

    Hannah joined WCG in 2012.  Her experience with urban design and drafting services complimenting her role as a Senior Planner. Hannah has developed a strong understanding of Queensland’s planning legislation, SEQ planning schemes and the development industry through her work in the Brisbane office. In her current role, Hannah focuses on due diligence and planning advice, community consultation and concept design preparation, and the facilitation of large scale developments from inception through to approval and post-approval services. 

    E: [email protected]

  • Joel Fielding Associate - Planning

    Joel joined WCG in 2014 as a Senior Planner. Prior to this, Joel worked for the North Lakes Development Team within the Development Services Department at Moreton Bay Regional Council. Through his experience in Local Government, Joel has developed a thorough understanding of Queensland’s planning legislation as well as how unique planning frameworks like North Lakes operate. In his current role, Joel is responsible for the management and delivery of large scale land subdivisions, residential unit developments and commercial development projects.

    E: [email protected]

  • Clare Stuhmcke Senior Planner

    Clare joined the WCG team in 2018 and has over five years experience working for private consultancy firms. In her current role, Clare is involved with delivering due diligence and planning advice, as well managing projects from inception through to approval and post approval services. Clare has contributed to several multi-disciplinary projects teams across a range of planning sectors, including greenfield subdivision, multi storey developments, retirement facilities and aged care. This has provided Clare with valuable experience to expand her professional knowledge and skillset. Clare has also developed a strong understanding of both state and local planning instruments.

  • Waimana Kingi Associate - Project Delivery

    Waimana joined Wolter Consulting Group in January 2014 as a Student Planner. After 
    finishing his Bachelor of Urban and Environmental Planning, Waimana commenced as a Full-
    Time Town Planner with Wolter Consulting Group. In his role as a Town Planner, Waimana 
    has gained wide exposure to the entire development process. More specifically, he focuses 
    on compliance assessment, post-approval development coordination, uncompleted works 
    and maintenance approvals and endorsement, easement and covenant preparation, project 
    delivery (plan sealing and registration) . Waimana also possesses an in-depth understanding 
    of infrastructure charges, calculations and crediting, attained due to his extensive experience 
    in compliance assessment.

  • Adriana Ziu Associate - Urban Design

    Adriana possesses over 14 years’ experience as an Urban Designer and Planner working 
    in development consultancy with expertise in due diligence advice, land use and structure 
    planning solutions, detailed master plan concepts and providing strategic project advice on 
    a wide range of projects throughout Queensland and northern NSW. 

    With her extensive master planning background, Adriana has delivered outcomes in a 
    wide variety of residential and mixed-use contexts including many key master planned 
    communities in Queensland from conceptual structure planning through to concept 
    planning, detailed design and development controls including BLE’s/Plans of Development 
    and Design Guidelines. 

    Known for her strong project management skills and a thorough understanding of the 
    development application and approval process, Adriana has a reputation for being dedicated, thorough and committed to delivering exceptional outcomes.