WCG provides the full range of ecological and environmental management services. Through the provision of specialist assessment, smart solutions and creative problem solving, our dedicated team has developed a strong relationship with our clients built on a professional approach and scientific and technical skills.

We have extensive experience in delivering master planned communities, land subdivisions, high-rise buildings, mixed-use development, multi-unit residential development, industrial, commercial and retail projects and community use facilities.

Key Services


  • Ecological assessment

  • Terrestrial, aquatic and marine biodiversity surveys

  • Species impact assessment

  • Flora and fauna legislation referrals


  • Vegetation management plans

  • Fauna management plans

  • Environment management plans

  • Rehabilitation plans

  • Species management plans

  • Bushfire Management


  • Fauna spotting, catching and relocation

  • Environmental monitoring

  • Environmental impact assessment

Sustainability Services

  • Design & Construction Parameters & Implementation Program
  • NatHERS
  • Waste Management Plan
  • Biodiversity Management Plan
  • Climate Change / Adaptation Plan
  • Building & Portfolio Performance
  • Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)
  • And more

Circular Economy Advisory

  • Circular Economy principles project application
  • Business and Organisational Circular Strategy advice
  • Innovation Strategies for Green Star projects
  • Building materials advice
  • Organics and operational waste advice
  • Biodiversity repair integration advice