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Wolter Consulting Group (WCG) congratulates the Queensland Government on the initiative to address a range of design issues that are affecting our emerging communities.  WCG supports the rationales that underpin the initiative to create healthy and active communities, an initiative that clearly aligns with our desire to be a liveable, prosperous and affordable State.

WCG has prepared the following response to the Creating Healthy and Active Communities document, however, it highlights several concerns with the document including, its wording and how it is to be implemented and the overall consultation process for the new draft Model Code for Neighbourhood Design.  

Whilst WCG supports this initiative, the value of the initiative has been significantly diminished through poor consultation practices and the prescriptive and absolute nature of the strategies.  We make suggestions on wording to allow flexibility to accommodate for site- and development- specific conditions.  We also request a transparent approach to code, its mandatory components and the implementation strategy; And further opportunities for broader commentary on residential communities that better reflect the changing nature of our demographics, ethnicity, values and needs moving forward.

View our full submission letter here.