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"Challenges of Growth and Beyond" - Brad Jones for The Agenda - PIA Journal of Queensland and Northern Territory


WCG Director of Planning, Brad Jones talks to PIA and The Agenda readers about planning advocacy and suggests a '3Cs approach' to deal with the community vs developer vs government policy conflicts that exist in our industry.

"As planners, we have the duty to pursue good planning principles and decisions based on facts and evidence in a sustainable and ethical manner. This goal is part of the Code of Professional Conduct we as PIA members must adhere to. However, when faced with the vocal community, we must rise to the challenge and present a balanced view from the perspective of the overall benefits of growth. Avoiding conversations about development with our family, friends or neighbours, in fear of misunderstanding, conflict or judgement is the easy way out. Taking the step beyond takes courage and a more strategic approach."

Brad suggests the '3Cs approach' - Communicate, Challenge, Co-create to planning advocacy. Read his full article here

This article was first published in The Agenda - PIA Journal of Queensland and Northern Territory, Volume 59 No. 4, Summer 2019. Planning Institute Australia.