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Wolter Consulting Group Puts Families First with New Paid Parental Leave Policy


At WCG, we value and are committed to our People and their families. This is why our new Paid Parental Leave Policy focuses on providing additional financial support to our staff during this special time, as well as support with the transition back to work.

As part of this new policy, we are proud to implement the following key initiatives for our staff:

  • Primary carers can receive up to 12 weeks top-up payment, depending on length of tenure
  • Secondary carers can receive two weeks top-up payment plus an additional one week Paid Parental Leave
  • Paid Parental Leave can be paid in full or half payments, depending on what best suits you and your family’s needs
  • Paid Keep in Touch days for primary carers to help ease the transition back to work and give employees the opportunity to stay informed and participate in workplace initiatives
  • Continued accrual of Long Service Leave during unpaid parental leave period
  • Flexible arrangements for the first four months can be established to allow for an easy and supported transition back to work

It’s also important to note that the application of this policy is not dependent on gender and/or relationship status – we’ve removed gender from our Policy to ensure all Primary or Secondary carer’s are supported. We believe this new policy is quite progressive and will help to identify WCG as an Employer of Choice for new potential employees.

CEO Dan Best says, “I’m really proud of what we have created and what it will mean for new parents. Understanding that everyone’s journey to parenthood is different and that no family is the same was key to developing a Policy that further outlines WCG’s commitment to diversity and inclusion.”

As industry leaders, we also believe this policy sets an example to other companies in our traditionally male-dominated field, that they can be leaders in equality and forward-thinking - removing barriers and promoting a more equitable workplace.