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Introducing Strategy + Place


Strategy + Place is a dynamic new collective at WCG merging strategic planning and urban design to create innovative solutions for building thriving and sustainable communities.

With a focus on big picture thinking, community research, and workshops that embrace the "Yes In My Backyard" (YIMBY) ideals, Strategy + Place is dedicated to shaping the future of urban landscapes by integrating strategic vision with considered design.

Our mission is to bridge the gap between strategic planning and urban design, fostering collaboration and innovation to transform urban places into vibrant, inclusive, and sustainable environments. By embracing diverse perspectives and ensuring inclusive engagement, we strive to empower communities and clients to actively participate in shaping their neighbourhoods, facilitating meaningful transformations with lasting impact.

What we offer

  • Strategic Planning: Strategy + Place offers strategic planning services that encompass comprehensive analysis, goal-setting, and implementation strategies. Our team works closely with clients to identify their objectives, assess current urban challenges, and develop long-term plans that align with the community's vision.
  • Urban Design: We understand the intrinsic link between people and place. As a group of creatives, we provide expertise in urban design, creating beautiful and functional spaces that enhance liveability and promote sustainability. Our designers incorporate innovative approaches and emerging technologies to develop designs that prioritise walkability, green spaces, public realm, mixed-use developments, and smart infrastructure.
  • Community Research: Strategy + Place conducts extensive community research to understand the unique needs, aspirations, and values of the local population. By engaging with residents, stakeholders, and community organisations, we gather valuable insights to inform our strategic planning and urban design processes.
  • Workshops: Workshops are integral to the way we work. We facilitate workshops to foster collaboration and co-creation, bringing together clients, stakeholders, community members, and experts to exchange ideas and collectively develop innovative and tailored solutions. These workshops serve as a platform for inclusive dialogue and participatory decision-making, ensuring projects align with the community's aspirations.
  • YIMBY Ideals: Strategy + Place embraces the YIMBY (Yes In My Backyard) ideals, advocating for inclusive growth, sustainable development, and community-centred decision-making. We actively engage with residents to dispel NIMBY (Not In My Backyard) sentiments, promoting a positive, collaborative approach that prioritises the needs of all stakeholders.


Why work with us

  • Innovation: Strategy + Place integrates innovation into all aspects of its work, leveraging emerging technologies, data-driven insights, and forward-thinking design approaches to deliver creative solutions that address complex urban challenges.
  • Big Picture Thinking: By combining strategic planning with urban design, Strategy + Place takes a holistic approach to urban development, considering social, economic, and environmental factors. This big picture thinking ensures projects are sustainable, resilient, and aligned with long-term community goals.
  • Community Engagement: Our focus on community research and collaborative workshops ensures that local residents and stakeholders have a voice in shaping their neighbourhood. By actively involving the community throughout the process, we foster a sense of ownership and create spaces that reflect the diverse needs and desires of the people who live and work there.
  • Sustainable Development: Strategy + Place is committed to sustainable development practices, incorporating green infrastructure, energy efficiency, and environmentally friendly design principles into all projects. Our aim is to create liveable and resilient communities that minimise their ecological footprint and adapt to the challenges of climate change.

Strategy + Place represents a new frontier in urban planning and design, integrating strategic vision, community engagement, and innovative thinking. By combining the disciplines of strategic planning and urban design, we aim to create thriving, inclusive, and sustainable communities that reflect the aspirations and values of the people who call them home.

If you'd like to find out more, get in touch with Director Brent O'Neill at [email protected]