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Introducing Project Delivery


Introducing our revolutionary Project Delivery Division, a unique and specialised service that offers a comprehensive approach to development approval compliance management, survey plan sealing, and titling. We are the first and only business in the industry to provide this complete delivery service, coordinating a team of specialists to seamlessly manage every aspect of development compliance, from construction site delivery to contract settlement and occupation.

What we offer

  • Wholistic Development Approval Compliance Management: We ensure compliance with all development approval requirements by coordinating the receipt and submission of all relevant materials, streamlining the compliance process for our clients.
  • Survey Plan Sealing and Titling: Our team manages the survey plan sealing process, working closely with project teams and authorities to expedite the endorsement and titling of development approvals to take the stress out of this critical phase of the development cycle.
  • Specialist Project Coordination: We assemble a skilled project team comprising experts in town planning, project management, contract administration, construction, development management, auditing, and development advisory. This coordinated approach ensures efficient management of every aspect of development compliance.
  • Transition Optimisation: Our mission is to be the premier specialist in DA compliance management and plan sealing. We streamline the development compliance process, seamlessly transitioning from construction site delivery and plan sealing to minimise delay between certificate of classification, contract settlement and occupation. Our goal is to strengthen our client’s reputation and provide certainty and security to their future residents.

Why choose us

When it comes to ensuring a seamless and efficient development compliance and plan sealing, partnering with WCG’s Project Delivery Division offers a range of benefits and advantages:

  • Comprehensive and Streamlined approach: We take a comprehensive approach to compliance management, handling all aspects of development approval compliance and plan sealing to streamline these processes. Our team is highly experienced in identifying and resolving critical compliance matters to minimise delays and ensure efficient project delivery.
  • Central Point of Coordination: We position ourselves as the central point of coordination for all development approval compliance and plan sealing matters. With our collaborative approach, we streamline communication and coordination among stakeholders, saving our clients time and effort.
  • Strong Relationships and Expedited Outcomes: Our department has established strong relationships with local authorities and regulatory bodies. Leveraging these connections, we can adopt various strategies to expedite compliance outcomes, supporting timely project delivery. Our successful track record includes a diverse range of projects, such as subdivisions, apartments, mixed-use developments, commercial and industrial sites, aged care facilities, and health service projects throughout Queensland.
  • Proven Track Record: Our department's refined compliance and plan sealing processes have enabled us to successfully deliver over 500 land lot and dwelling products within a single year. Our track record showcases our expertise, reliability, and ability to navigate complex development projects.
  • Reliable and Efficient Delivery: By partnering with us, clients can rely on our experience and expertise in project delivery. Our dedicated team of professionals with backgrounds brings a breadth of experience and skill to every project.
  • Commitment: We treat every project as if it was our own and are committed to providing exceptional service and ensuring compliance with all relevant regulations and conditions throughout the delivery process.