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Brisbane Inner City Strategy


It embraces many of the key elements that will be needed to ensure that our city remains an attractive, vibrant, and connected city as we mature into an Olympic City by 2032.

Key to this is the identification of five inner city transformation precincts, where Council is building on previously announced Urban Enterprise Areas, to unlock additional housing supply that supports mixed use neighbourhoods. Council also acknowledges that there are other precincts which could have new opportunities unlocked, many of which are already being identified and facilitated by our Team.

The Team at Wolters are great supporters of Council’s initiative and make a number of key recommendations to ensure the long-term success of this work.

  1. Closer planning partnership with State Government departments including EDQ, Queensland Transport and the Department of Housing to ensure relevant State interests and infrastructure works hand in hand with Council’s initiatives.
  2. Recognising the value that well located and planned public open space can have on communities and planning ahead for their early establishment.
  3. Identifying and preserving corridors for more expansive mass and personal transport options within the existing road network that will reduce the reliance on cars within the inner city.
  4. Undertake precinct planning in partnership with key stakeholders and landowners to ensure Council’s vision remains realistic and deliverable by the development industry.

We are looking forward to working with our clients and Council to deliver on the Vision of this document.

View a copy of the strategy via the link:

Brisbane’s Inner City Strategy | Brisbane City Council