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Orange is the New Green: Enhancing Environmental Sustainability Inside and Out.


Earlier this month, Wolter Consulting Group (WCG) were excited to attend the Bremer Catchment Association (BCA) first monthly meeting of 2019. Both teams were able to share their programs and technical insights.

In attendance from WCG were Natalie Rayment (Director), Brendan Massy (Manager Environment Services) and Sophia Saint-Forrester (Environmental Consultant).

At WCG, the issues of environment, community and sustainable development in our cities and regions are important to us. Through our projects, we continue to support the endeavour of sustainable development in Queensland.

Restoration of environmentally significant areas and corridors is an activity of upmost importance. However, it is generally performed by community members themselves, who volunteer their time and expertise to their local groups. These groups require ongoing support and adequate resources to be able to implement their projects and programs.

After launching our company’s internal sustainability program Orange is the New Green mid-2018, WCG Team were able to raise $1,000 through our reusable coffee cup (KeepCups) initiative, which we proudly donated to the BCA Team on the night.

“It is important that we minimise our environmental impact as a business, both on the inside and out,” said Sophia Saint-Forrester, who initiated “Orange is the New Green” program at WCG. 

“It is great to see that our company’s internal sustainability efforts have transferred into a significant financial benefit for an organisation that shares our values.”

“After considering various charities and community groups, WCG Team thought that the work of Bremer Catchment Association offered a great opportunity to contribute to the enhancement of environmental value of the region that our company is directly involved with through our projects,” said Natalie Rayment.

“WCG have projects across SEQ and it is important for us to give back to community groups doing good in our local area. We also thought that BCA’s mission and vision were very much in line with our corporate value of Citizenship.”

Bremer Catchment Association (BCA) are an overarching group that assists various catchment areas within the Ipswich Region. BCA are instrumental in supporting established and prospective sub-catchment groups that carry out local environmental projects and monitoring programs. They assist catchment groups operating in Bundamba Creek, Bremer River, Purga Creek, Reynolds Creek, Warrill Creek and Western Creek. Their tasks range from tree planting through to weed management and so on.  

“It is important to understand that the continuation of community endorsed environmental activities is integral to sustainability of our regions,” said Sophia.

“Speaking with the BCA members on the night, enhanced our understanding of their continued efforts towards sustainability and environmental health.”

At Wolter Consulting Group, we commend all who volunteer their time to improving environmental health and we aspire to assist in facilitating these efforts in the future.