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WCG and YIMBY Qld at the 10th Making Cities Liveable Conference 2017


The Making Cities Liveable Conference 2017 is an initiative of the Association for Sustainability in Business Inc., in partnership with the government, private sector and academia. It offers a platform for both public and private sectors, showcasing academic and industry professionals from an array of specialities and backgrounds. The conference had one key goal: to accommodate growth and develop more liveable and sustainable cities in Queensland.

Over the years, this initiative has focused on inspiring and exposing new and innovating ideas to make a positive impact on public policies, community and social activities. Making Cities Liveable Conference contributes also with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted two years ago by United Nations (UN). The Conferece focused on the New Urban agenda which emerged from Habitat III in Quito (Ecuador) last year.

Natalie Rayment had the opportunity to highlight the critical role of YIMBY Qld (or “Yes In My Back Yard Queensland”) during her presentation titled “Can I be your neighbour?”. Here are some of the key points influencing YIMBY Qld in 2017:

Challenges the Queensland Capital is currently facing

  • Forecast 25-year population growth in SEQ: 2 million
  • Decade of densification – shapingSEQ directing that growth inward.
  • Affordability Gap of $100K for housing in QLD.
  • Communication Gap: the cost of the NIMBYism particularly through increasing red-tape.
  • Mistrust of authority and established expertise

How adopting a YIMBY attitude contributes to making cities liveable?

While there are many definitions of what makes a liveable city, a common thread is affordable living and diverse housing, often expressed as social inclusion. YIMBY QLD advocates for showcases, good development outcomes:

  • Design excellence – achieves architectural, landscape or urban design excellence
  • Sustainability – minimising impact on the environment, fostering environmental responsibility and promotes intergenerational equity in property.
  • Innovation – embraces new technology and provides solutions that solve complex design problems.
  • Community dividend – by del8ivering tangible quality outcomes that contribute positively to city liveability.

This might be one of our many Cause for Celebration this year – well done to the WCG Team!

If you would like to know more about YIMBY Qld, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our experienced team members.