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Why development in Queensland is a good thing…


It’s funny how every four years developers and development become the ruination of our way of life.

 We are part of an industry that contributes billions of dollars to the state’s economy and provides employment, both direct and indirect, to a massive portion of our population.

 And yet, every time a council election rolls around we become the whipping post of politicians both current and prospective, looking to win the hearts and minds of the average punter.

 Well this time round the much maligned development industry is hitting back with a new campaign aimed at combating ill-informed commentary.

 #yimbyqld – Yes, in my back yard Queensland – has been created to highlight the many benefits that good, innovative and well-planned developments bring to modern cities.

 We are bringing back some balance to the development debate because we are concerned that “good development” is being unfairly tarnished.

 Brisbane has a track record of outstanding developments including the Gasworks precinct at Newstead, the Urban renewal precinct at New Farm and Teneriffe and Waterline at Bulimba.

 We know development is anything but adhoc. It is driven by the City Plan, a document prepared in conjunction with the people of Brisbane.

 In Brisbane, residents and workers were involved in the CityShape 2026 document which outlined a direction for managing growth and development of the City and were given double the usual period of time to comment on the new City Plan to ensure the best outcome was achieved.

 It is misinformed to say that developers get to do what they like unchecked. The fact of the matter is there is an extremely rigorous system in place that takes into account every aspect of development as well as future planning.

 We believe Brisbane City Council is one of the toughest Councils to deal with for development.

 Even a basic code assessable applications involves detailed assessment against multiple land use, development and constraint codes examining anything from land use to landscaping, design to acoustics, traffic to engineering and much much more.

 The “yimby” concept originated from New York City as an initiative to discuss, document and promote good development. At the same time, it counters the negative “nimby” (not in my back yard) viewpoint often encountered by developers in big cities.

 It’s funny how we have not only come to enjoy but expect the benefits of good development, including exciting lifestyle precincts with vibrant public spaces and yet complain about the way it is delivered.

 Residents want good interactive public spaces, public artworks, green spaces, environmental excellence, contemporary and innovative design and the housing options and job’s they create.

 Unfortunately new developments are quite often faced with negativity and the ‘not in my back yard’ brigade.

 We want to promote #yimbyqld to get factual information out there on cutting edge, good developments to encourage debate with an open mind.

  Let’s not forget the places we live and play in have been produced by good development.

 There are many benefits and community amenities that have flowed from that – including cycle ways, parks, footpath dining and even the recent focus on vibrant laneways and roof-top spaces.

 Brisbane has grown up and truly is becoming a contemporary new world city – that is something we should be really proud of.

 Our aim is to generate balance in the development debate and start an intelligent, grown-up discussion on what makes a good development.

 So join the movement and say “yimby” to good development and share the #yimbyqld on your social media photos and posts.