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Sovereign Rise

Low density residential estate

  • Type/Category

  • Client

    Oxmar Properties
  • Location

    Corner of Ann Street and Marsden Road, Kallangur
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  • Planning
  • Surveying

Sovereign Rise is a low density residential estate located in Kallangur, comprising
approximately 180 lots over four stages. The estate originally planned to have
standard low density residential allotments approximately 600m2 in size. However,
to meet market demand and ever changing housing needs, the estate was reconfigured to include a mix of lot sizes ranging from 300m2 to 800m2.

The WCG Value add


  • Strategic guidance to project and DA strategy, to promote┬áinnovation in planning process and housing products
  • Preparation of key planning arguments for a mix of housing
    types, including residential lots from 300m2 upwards delivering
    maximum diversity of price points and living options
  • Creation of Small Lot Housing Envelop plans to permit construction of dwellings
    on small lots without the need for Council approval of the house designs
  • Successful negotiation of Infrastructure charges which reduced
    charges to ensure housing affordability could be maintained


  • Full suite of professional surveying services including cadastral, civil
    and topographic surveying at all phases of the development