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New Chum Waste Management Facility

Existing Landfill Operation & Expansion

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    100 Chum Street, New Chum
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The New Chum Landfill was acquired by Transpacific in 2006. The landfill site comprises 134ha in area, which integrates five cells, ancillary operational facilities and infrastructure, as well as open space environmental buffers. This is one of a handful of major Queensland landfills to accept over 200,000 tonnes of dry non-putrescible waste streams per year. Since 2011, Wolter Consulting Group have provided consultancy services to streamline and expand the approvals framework, and advance compliance, in order to optimise operational activities whilst meeting sensitive stakeholder interests including Council and neighbouring community groups.

The WCG Value add


  • Advice and management of DA approvals and strategy to streamline existing approvals, facilitate existing operations, and action compliance projects in response to condition requirements to mitigate against potential liabilities
  • Guidance on project intent to incorporate technical specialist advice and demonstrate irrelevance/mitigation of potential amenity impacts on sensitive receiving environments
  • Provide effective communication with Council to collaboratively progress approval changes, and provide informative advice to stakeholders