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Fernbrooke Ridge

Master Planned Community

  • Type/Category

    Tourism, Sport and Recreation
  • Client

    Lend Lease
  • Location

    Alawoona Street. Redbank Plains
  • Project Value



  • Planning
  • Environment
  • Surveying

Fernbrooke Ridge is a neighborhood that prides itself on a range of parkland for the kids to play in, a sports field, hiking and bike trails and a variety of living options to suit all budgets. The project will create over 500 allotments over numerous stages ranging from 240m² to 750m², with an expected population of over 2,000 residents upon completion.


The WCG Value add


  • The development and implementation of a comprehensive rehabilitation management plan to describe the rehabilitation objectives, strategies and actions to re-establish ecological values lost during the development process.
  • Identification of sensitive environmental values, features and functions, subsequently facilitating their integration into the masterplan design.
  • Coordinated multidisciplinary inputs during the operational works phase, thereby ensuring sensitive environmental values, features and functions were fittingly protected and regenerated.
  • Design and documentation support to Lend Lease for stages 11 through 20 including parks, streetscapes, and integration of environmental rehabilitation along Six Mile Creek corridor.
  • Public consultation events related to design of park and playground in Stage 11.
  • Contract administration and tender management support for Lend Lease’s internal landscape architecture team.


  • Strategic guidance of project and DA strategy, to promote innovation in planning process and housing diversity.
  • Preparation of key planning arguments for a mix of housing types, including residential lots from 240m² upwards, different housing typologies and delivering a range of price points and living options.


  • Full suite of professional surveying services including cadastral, civil, topographic and geodetic surveying at all phases of the development.
  • Technical advice on complex titling matters.
  • Complex external infrastructure survey.
  • Urgent preparation of disclosure plans to accommodate a rapid and successful pre-sales process.