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Caboolture Sports Club

3D model the structural layout.

  • Type/Category

    Tourism, Sport and Recreation
  • Client

    Ashley Cooper Construction
  • Location

    Station Road, Morayfield
  • Project Value



  • 3D Spatial

Wolter Consulting were initially requested to 3D model the structural layout of a small part of the building to aid in some refurbishment works. As existing fitout was removed for the refurbishment a significant amount of structure did not reflect design drawings and a number of components were just cut off and not supporting load. Upon review it was noted a more detailed structural assessment of the whole facility was required. To aid in this process WCG provided full laser scanning to BIM services by developing up a complete revit model of the building structure and all accessible MEP.

The WCG Value add

3D Spatial

  • By employing our laser scanning technologies WCG were able to rapidly develop a highly detailed, accurate and complete model of the existing structure . The small lightwight nature of the equipment allowed us to access the ceiling spaces to capture the structural and MEP load through the roof. A total of 200 scans was completed, mostly outside standard business hours ensuring minimal disruption to club operations.  The captured point cloud dataset was then drawn up into a Revit model containing over 8,000 elements, allowing the project engineers to review the site conditions to determine the appropriate course of action with a complete and accurate site model.