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Buderim Childcare

Child Care Centre

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    Project Village Buderim Trust
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    32 King Street, Buderim
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  • Landscape Architecture

32 King Street Buderim will establish a new child care centre and townhouse site surrounded by remnant vegetation with attractive views over the mountain ranges. The townhouse site has been designed around the protection of significant bushland, notably two large native fig trees, which have been integrated into the design. The design also includes rehabilitation efforts to return the site to its original vegetative setting.  Wolter Consulting Groups’ landscape architects worked closely with Council to enhance biodiversity outcomes, provide visual amenity and promote urban ecology. Revegetation species selection was based on the native vegetation currently present onsite, Regional Ecosystem mapping and community descriptions.

The child care centre took careful consideration in selecting sustainable materials to ensure the building would blend into the natural environment. The centre has two ‘play areas’ designed by our landscape architects containing grassed run-around areas and a variety of colourful groundcovers, flowering shade shrubs and trees. These shade trees and shrubs have been strategically placed to provide shade and colour within the outdoor play area while keeping the play space open and usable. Acoustic barriers in this area are screened by shade trees and shrubs, enhancing the visual amenity of the space.

The WCG Value add

Landscape Architecture

  • Worked closely with the Council and project architect to maximise opportunity for existing trees to be successfully retained and complemented through careful selection of local-native plant species for rehabilitation works