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35ive Clarence

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  • Client

    CHP Properties
  • Location

    35 Clarence Road, Indooroopilly
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  • Planning

35ive Clarence was one of the first medium rise apartment developments proposed under the new Indooroopilly Centre Neighbourhood Plan. Internationally renowned Buchan Group Architects designed the building, comprising 13 units up to five stories on a steeply sloping slight. The development involved a number of performance based planning arguments to support our client’s vision, which improved the overall development outcome and value for the site. 

The WCG Value add


  • Preparation of a key planning arguments to support the defined height as five storeys and sensitive architectural design within setbacks, particularly transitional stepping provisions to adjacent character housing  
  • Coordination of the traffic rationale to support refuse arrangements which require the truck to temporarily overhang the road verge, which has led to a recent policy change by Council under the City Plan 2014