Women of Wolters

Women are incredible, powerful and important. The world needs our wisdom, our compassion and our leadership. We need each other.

  • m-wood-bw.jpeg.jpg
    Marnie Wood Planning
  • natalie-b-w-high-res.jpg
    Natalie Rayment Planning
  • img-e1250.jpg
    Maria Volobueva Marketing
  • boyana-b-w-lowres-june2020-web-cut-a.jpg
    Boyana Popvassilev Circular Economy
  • Grace Cabot B&W.png
    Grace Cabot Marketing
  • img-7655-iwd.jpg
    Jazmine Chapman Adminstration
  • km-photo-bw.jpg
    Kristy Morton Urban Design
  • clare-b-w-lowres-web-crop-2.jpg
    Clare Brown Planning
  • carolyn-b-w-highres-june2020-002-iwd.jpg
    Carolyn Waters Finance
  • Amy_Marsden_LowRes_B&W (WEB EDIT).png
    Amy Marsden Planning
  • img-7658.jpg
    Elizabeth Entriken Planning
  • Angela_temporaryPIC.png
    Angela Dahn Surveying
  • B&W.png
    Sarah Machin Planning
  • hannah-colour-outside-bw-iwd.jpg
    Hannah Barrenger Ecology
  • img-7656.jpg
    Iva Botic Landscape
  • Kylie Keioskie Web EDIT.png
    Kylie Keioskie Landscape
  • kathleen-1.jpg
    Kathleen Brady Drafting
  • Gabriella B&W.png
    Gabriella Tomarchio Planning
  • b-w-photo.jpg
    Libby Hogarth Planning
  • B&W.png
    Keana Munro Planning
  • margret-iwd.jpg
    Margaret Kocovski HR
  • B&W Low Res_WEB_2.jpeg
    Penny Spiers Landscape
  • Jess Lincoln B&W.png
    Jessica Lincoln Planning
  • yvonne-bw-iwd.jpg
    Yvonne Taylor Planning