Oct 26 / 2017

Urbanity 2017, The Great Debate – NIMBY Vs YIMBY

YIMBY Qld co-founder and town planner extraordinaire, Natalie Rayment recently took part in the ‘Great Debate’ with Brisbane City Councillor, Jonathan Sri and Adam Di Marco, at Urbanity 17. This is an annual conference brought to life by The Urban Developer in partnership with Queensland Government and Brisbane Development Association.

Aug 10 / 2017

Crafting Essential Assessment Reports

Drafting a clear and concise assessment report that delivers the message to the target audience is an essential skill for planners. This presentation from Natalie Rayment, our Planning Manager, and Hannah Sealey, experienced Town Planner at WCG, shows how to get your core message across accurately, succinctly and with greatest effect.

Jul 13 / 2017

WCG and YIMBY Qld at the 10th Making Cities Liveable Conference 2017

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the annual Making Cities Liveable Conference and Wolter Consulting Group is honoured to have been a part of it. Natalie Rayment, WCG Director/ Planning Manager and YIMBY Qld Co-founder, gave a presentation discussing the YIMBY initiative and why we should be celebrating good development.

Jul 6 / 2017

You can’t Google culture

When it comes to designing an indigenous garden, landscape architects realised there are some thing that simply can't be googled. WCG has been honoured to work with Gilimbaa this NAIDOC Week to design an indigenous garden and celebrate Aboriginal culture. Read more about this exciting collaboration here...

Jun 19 / 2017

Villaggio in Richlands

Wolter Consulting Group is excited to announce that stage 11 of Villaggio in Richlands has been sealed by Brisbane City Council. After eight years of work from the WCG planning and surveying teams we are excited to see such a successful outcome...