May 6 / 2020

WCG Acts in Support of Development Industry and the post-COVID Economic Recovery.

Here at WCG, whilst its very much business as usual, we have been taking a leadership role in advocating for Government led action to support the property and development industry and underpin post-COVID economic recovery. In addition to our key roles on numerous industry association committees, we have been working directly with our colleagues in local government to encourage new initiatives. We recently wrote to the Council of Mayors (SEQ) presenting a range of ideas for consideration and discussion at their Board meeting. Click on the title to read more.

May 6 / 2020

Planners Must Connect the Dots: Why communication is key in our profession.

When it comes to delivering great cities, as planners we have the knowledge to be opinion leaders and trusted advisors on all fronts - developer, government and the community. We know that ‘great cities are no accident.’ Yet, we continue to see existing and even new housing policies that trigger urban sprawl and make housing a major contributor to inequality. Housing costs continue to escalate, homelessness is rising, and young generations and families are forced to choose where they live based on nothing but the price. We need to speak louder!

Apr 28 / 2020

Coil Steels Qld's New Service Centre Approval Achieved.

We are pleased to have achieved the approval for Coil Steels Qld’s new coil steel service centre in Brisbane’s Wacol industrial precinct. This is fantastic news for the continuing growth of the established industrial estate and for Brisbane’s Major Industrial Areas. The new purpose-built 13,500m2 facility will stock and process coil steels weighing up to 15 tonnes on two main production lines. Congratulations to the entire project team, including EMKC in securing the approval for this project.

Apr 22 / 2020


Today, as we mark the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day, celebrated in nearly 200 countries to demonstrate support for environmental protection, let’s talk about what we as an industry can deliver in terms of long term positive impact on the environment. “We all know the fraught politics around climate change—but there has arguably been less talk about the second part: biodiversity loss, perhaps because the numbers are less easy to deny,” says David Uhlmann, Director of Environment and Sustainability at Wolter Consulting Group in his recent article published on the Urban Developer. Click on the title to read more.

Mar 21 / 2020

Celebrating Surveyors: The Masters of Measurement.

Today, 21st March is Global Surveyors’ Day which celebrates the masters of measurement who have shaped history and the physical world around us. Virtually nothing is constructed without a surveyor. Here are some interesting facts about surveyors that you probably didn't know!

Mar 6 / 2020

Paving the way to gender equality is Leadership! WCG celebrates an important milestone this International Women’s Day.

The 2010s is becoming known as the decade that redefined women, during which we’ve seen, on the international stage, strong women unite like never before. This year’s International Women’s Day (IWD) theme is #Each for Equal, and we are very proud to say that Wolter Consulting Group has achieved a 50/50 gender split in our office! This is a huge achievement for all WCG Leaders worth noting and celebrating on this day.

Feb 10 / 2020

When Does Your Defects Liability End?

Well done! Your approved development has been constructed and is now operational. It is time to review your maintenance securities held by Council for development works and land infrastructure. What happens next, who is responsible for development components such as civil works and landscaping, and what happens after the "On-maintenance" period expires? Click on the title to find out.

Nov 13 / 2019

Emmeline on Elizabeth: Preserving Stories in Our Community.

Emmeline on Elizabeth ticks many boxes of good development outcomes including great design, sustainability, innovation and community dividend. Wolter Consulting Group’s Planning and Landscape teams worked closely with award-wining architectural firm Ellivo and Inertia Engineering to achieve an excellent development outcome on many fronts for our client.