Mar 22 / 2019

From Real Rocks to Virtual Buildings: A history of drafting.

Drafting is known to be one of the oldest documented professions, with the earliest drawings found on cave walls and dating back many thousands of years. The earliest recorded piece of history discovered, was the drafting board which dates back to 2000 – 3000 B.C and features a fossilised aerial view of a Babylonian castle. With rocks being used as drafting tools, the life of a Drafter was definitely not as we know it today.

Mar 8 / 2019

An easy short-term fix vs an important long-term plan – what do you choose?

Heads Up: The Future of Housing was a very insightful event – organised by the Urban Development Institute of Australia - that some of our staff attended last week. John Daley, the key speaker at the event, CEO of Grattan Institute and writer on Australian public policy, had a lot of very important points to make about policy priorities for everything housing related. It is one thing to hear an expert’s opinion or a debate about an issue but it is a totally different experience, and a much more important one, to face the reality by analysing some real figures – and John definitely did that.

Feb 27 / 2019

Orange is the New Green: Enhancing Environmental Sustainability Inside and Out.

After launching our company's internal sustainability program “Orange is the New Green” mid-2018, WCG Team were able to raise $1,000 through the reusable coffee cup (KeepCups) initiative, which we proudly donated to the Bremer Catchment Association during their first team meeting of 2019. It is great to see that our company’s internal sustainability efforts have transferred into a significant financial benefit for an organisation that shares our values.

Jan 21 / 2019

Leadership is what we value!

We would like to congratulate our Directors, Natalie Rayment and Andrew Crawford, and our Senior Associate Town Planner, Brad Jones, on being re-elected to the Property Council of Australia (PCA) Member Committees for 2019-2020 in Queensland.

Oct 19 / 2018

How healthy is your suburb?

Access to fresh food, tree cover and walkability were some of the factors examined in the recent study with the goal to determine Brisbane’s healthiest suburbs, as published on Domain’s website this week. Other things considered in the study included distance to and the capacity of hospitals, access to allied and community healthcare, the density of liquor and fast food stores in an area, as well as how much residents volunteered within their community. One of the commentators on the issue was our Senior Associate Town Planner, Brad Jones who stressed the importance of supporting local services such as local shops and cafes in order to create more inviting and walkable neighbourhoods across the city, not just confined to the inner suburbs.

Sep 14 / 2018

Seascape – A Well-Positioned Future.

Our client Villa World goes beyond delivering a house or a piece of land. Their recent development Seascape in Redland Bay, offers designer homes situated in a growth location close to the proposed Weinam Creek marina development. The goal of this development was ‘a well-positioned future’. Wolter Consulting Group have been proudly involved in this project from the early stages, providing Town Planning, Surveying and Environmental services.

Jul 18 / 2018

Suncorp’s new Brisbane workspace!

Wolter Consulting Group is proud to have been involved in the lease agreement between Suncorp and Mirvac for Suncorp’s new Brisbane workspace. The agreement will enable Suncorp to consolidate its workforce into a single location at 80 Ann Street, Brisbane from 2022. Our Town Planning team provided professional advice and due diligence services relating to the detailed third-party review of application and approval documentation on behalf of Suncorp and under project managers, FACTION Consulting. Congratulations to Suncorp and Mirvac in securing this agreement.