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WCG Team Share Their Experiences From University Days to Now - UQ OOPS Connect Newsletter, Issue 3


It was great to collaborate with UQ OOPS again on creation of their 3rd Issue of Connect Newsletter.  In celebration of 50 years of the Bachelor of Regional Town Planning (BRTP) at the University of Queensland the UQ OOPS (Organisation of Planning Students) Team collated a special issue dedicated to remembering this history.  In the BRTP Alumni Reflections our Executive Director, Andrew Crawford and Senior Planner, Kimberley White share their stories from their UQ days to now. 

"As planners we are the ‘glue’ that connects many ideas and disciplines. It is said that our young people today may have up to 17 jobs and 5 different careers in their lifetime," says Andrew.   "My planning degree has been a springboard for many career opportunities. When I think about my alumni colleagues, a cohort of only 15 people, there have been State and local government planners, CEOs, company directors, planning consultants, lawyers, environmental consultants, urban designers, development managers, real estate agents, and even aspiring politicians."

For Kim it's been seven and a half years since stepping foot onto the UQ campus.  "This year will mark 4 years since graduating," says Kim, "and whenever I’m asked to reflect on my time studying the BRTP degree, my mind is always flooded with the countless opportunities I was presented with."

Read Andrew's and Kim's BRTP Alumni Reflections here

Access the full copy of UQ OOPS Connect Newsletter, Issue 3 here