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Wolter Consulting Group Joins the Conversation About Queensland's Lockout Laws



Tonight the Triffid is hosting the first CurioCity event ‘QLD Lockout Laws: The Importance of Nightlife in Creating Vibrant Cities’. As an organisation with a keen interest in making Brisbane an exciting and enjoyable place to live, Wolter Consulting Group are going along to join the conversation.

WCG Managing Director, Michael Wolter and Director and Manager of Planning, Natalie Rayment see this event as a wonderful opportunity discuss the development of Brisbane with the wider community as well as with representatives of the YIMBY initiative.  

Over the past few years Brisbane’s nightlife has seen a substantial increase in activity. From buzzing bars to world class restaurants, the city now really comes to life at night.

The night time economy is estimated to be worth more than $10 billion in Queensland, with over 7,200 licensed venues. The status as the Tourism State heavily relies on this industry, so how will the new Lockout Laws change things?

Tonight’s event, sponsored by The Urban Developer in association with Hutchinson Builders, will facilitate discussion regarding these key topics:

  • How the lockout Laws will affect our reputation as a “new world city”?
  • How will the recent Lockout changes affect venue operators and small businesses?
  • The links between the introduction of the development and industry in Brisbane.
  • What impact do thriving nightlife precincts have upon the fabric of our cities?
  • Why nightlife is important to the greater urban development industry?
  • Will the 2018 review of the lock-out laws mean that it is likely to be repealed?
  • Sydney case studies.

In the true spirit of a vibrant city, it will be a real night out with live music and free drinks to compliment the incredible insight into Brisbane’s future and it nightlife economy.

Join the conversation! If you are wanting to know more about the event, or are interested in discussing how Brisbane can better become a new world city, don’t hesitate to contact our experienced team at WCG.