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If you think Green Star is not for you, think again.


With the Green Star for New Buildings* launching last week, the WCG Sustainability Team continues to educate and inspire our clients to do things better.

Green Star for New Buildings applies to all types of development and is a great tool for those who want to differentiate their business and adapt to changing market trends.  More comprehensive than ever, the new rating tool provides additional opportunities for alignment with your business values and goals and allows you to qualify for green star and market your existing efforts better.

Many developers don’t realise they already incorporate elements in their projects that will tick enough or almost enough boxes to qualify for a certain green star rating.  Could this be you? 

The answer to the above is likely a yes! And our sustainability team can help unpack that.

From the ‘too hard basket’ to the core of your business strategy.

A fresh study from McKinsey explains that strong ESG (environmental, social and governance) propositions relate to higher financial returns and lower downside risk for companies.  In Green Star terms, by adopting the new rating tool to your best ability you will:

  • Understand sustainable development (and how to deliver it) in anticipation of new regulations
  • Apply a structured approach to ‘best practice’ in development
  • Appeal to changing market trends
  • Attract and retain the best stakeholders
  • Add value, boost growth and develop resilience for your triple bottom line
  • Develop your own ESG (environment, social and governance) criteria for business performance and our sustainability team can help with that too

In short, Green Star for New Buildings is a framework that can be used to gain or maintain your leadership position in the industry.

WCG Sustainability team can help you understand all the key elements of the new rating tool and advise on how you can incorporate Green Star in your project in most efficient way.  

We provide advisory, assessment and reporting services in-house and are excited to see some of our clients implementing Green Star already.  Achieving a green star rating on projects is often easier than many of our clients can imagine.  

Feel free to give us a call today to discuss (07) 3666 5200.

*Green Star for New Buildings rating tool applies to all types of development.