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Clearview Urban village


Wolter Consulting Group has been thoroughly involved with the exciting new Clearview Master Planned Urban Village. Each of WCG’s five disciplines; Planning, Urban Design, Landscape Architecture, Environment and Surveying, have all played vital roles in the site’s development.

Located in Seven Hills, Clearview is approximately 5 kilometres from Brisbane’s CBD. The site, under construction by Heran Building Group, offers a diverse mix of residential dwellings, as well as community facilities. The project is a revitalisation of one of Brisbane’s key inner city urban renewal sites, the old Seven Hills TAFE.

The development provides a cohesive design, creating a seamless transition from the Low Density housing surrounding the development. Stages 1 and 2 of the project involve providing small lot housing; in later stages, 3 story attached townhouses and 3 to 5 storey multiple dwelling towers will be provided.

One of Clearview’s key features is its community hub. This precinct includes indoor and outdoor theatres, a number of community facilities, a Health and Wellness Centre, as well as car parking. By having a central hub for communal activities it is likely that a sense of community will be created.  

Adjacent to the community hub area is the retained existing bushland and the new parkland. The existing bushland has significant ecological value and further enhances the green, leafy feel of the site. The new parkland provides a number of recreational opportunities for the community with expansive open space and several outdoor activities, as well as seating options.

Being one of Brisbane’s key urban renewal sites, many of the site’s buildings are being reused. Both the aged-care facility and Community Hub buildings will be reused in a way that is practical. The site’s redevelopment will continue to revitalise the area, having been vacant since the TAFE’s closure in 2011.

After six years of affiliation with the Clearview Urban Village, Wolter Consulting Group is excited to see the finished product take shape as the first three stages are completed. It has been an honour to work on such a significant project.

If you have any questions about Clearview or how Wolter Consulting Group might be able to help you in the future, please do not hesitate to contact our experienced team.