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Important Announcement for Beddown


Congratulations once again to the team at Beddown and our Executive Director Natalie Rayment on how far they've come in their mission of "repairing the quality of life" for the most vulnerable members of our community. Last Friday, the team announced their partnership with inCommunity - the leading housing and homelessness specialist. Beddown will continue to operate as it does, but will transition across to inCommunity and report to the inCommunuty Board. Natalie was on the Board of Beddown as Deputy Chair and then as Chair between 2019-2022.

"I am incredibly proud of what the inaugural Board of Beddown has achieved in the crucial start-up phase over the last three years," said Natalie, "and know the future of Beddown is in good hands, with the benefit of inCommunity’s 40 years of passion, commitment and tireless dedication to people who need support to find a home."

We are very excited to see Beddown enter this new phase in its existence as it now has the opportunity to reach more people than ever before. A huge congratulations to all involved for nurturing this great initiative to this point. It is a testament to their hard work and generosity that Beddown has achieved such recognition in such a short space of time.

Massive thanks are also due to our staff here at Wolter's who truly live our value of Citizenship and have volunteered their expertise and time to Beddown in its early years. We hope that the opportunities to support our charity of choice, financially and with our time, will keep coming.

Beddown remains our charity of choice at Wolter Consulting Group and we encourage you to support Norm McGillivray and inCommunity during the transition and stay committed to our cause to help end homelessness in our community. 

You can find a copy of the announcement on Natalie's Linked In page here.