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Planners Must Connect the Dots: Why communication is key in our profession.


When it comes to delivering great cities, as planners we have the knowledge to be opinion leaders and trusted advisors on all fronts - developer, government and the community.  We know that ‘great cities are no accident.’   Yet, we continue to see existing and even new housing policies that trigger urban sprawl and make housing a major contributor to inequality.  Housing costs continue to escalate, homelessness is rising, and young generations and families are forced to choose where they live based on nothing but the price.  We need to speak louder!

Wolter Consulting Group have been proud supporters of UQ OOPS (Organisation of Planning Students) for many years.  In the OOPS latest newsletter, we shared our thoughts on why communication is key in our profession and why it's never too early to start the conversation to inform, influence and inspire our community. 

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This article first appeared in UQ OOPS Newsletter available here. 

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