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Paving the way to gender equality is Leadership! WCG celebrates an important milestone this International Women’s Day.


The 2010s is becoming known as the decade that redefined women, during which we’ve seen, on the international stage, strong women unite like never before.

The history books show us that through the struggles, determination and successes of the women who have come before us, we, the women of today, have greater opportunities and the ability to feel empowered to walk our own path, while also empowering others to do the same.

But what does this really mean, and how does this translate to us here at Wolter Consulting Group?

This year’s International Women’s Day (IWD) theme is #Each for Equal, and we are very proud to say that Wolter Consulting Group has achieved a 50/50 gender split in our office! This is a huge achievement for all WCG Leaders worth noting and celebrating on this day.

Last week, we also celebrated an incredible achievement of our Executive Director, Natalie Rayment, winning the PIA Qld Outstanding Woman in Planning Award 2020. 

“Don’t bother asking me if there is an Outstanding Man in Planning Award or an International Men’s Day,” said Natalie in her acknowledgement speech to our team.

“That’s not what this award is about.  What people who ask this don’t understand is what it was like to be the only woman in the room, to fight for your voice to be heard and to be surrounded by men who believed there wasn’t a place for a woman at the table.”

Today, the Women of Wolter’s (also known as the WOW Team), especially those representing the younger generation, took a moment to thank all the inspiring, hard working and passionate women like Natalie, and Natalie herself, for paving the way towards gender parity and equality. 

Thanks to women like Natalie, many of us feel no different as women in the workforce, even when we happen to be ‘the only woman in the room’ which in our company is now very rare!

With this being said, we do still have a long way to go.

“We’ve taken giant leaps in this male dominated industry,” says Natalie.  “And while we don’t yet have gender parity within our senior team or within all divisions of the business, overall we have gotten there, which is something to be celebrated. In particular when a large part of our business is surveying and there is only a limited number of women in this profession in Australia.”

Living Our Company’s Core Values - People, Collaboration, Leadership and Citizenship.

Combining the high value we place on People and Collaboration, is what allows us to maintain our Leadership position in the industry. We do better together!

With this in mind, Wolter Consulting Group, for the first time in history, hosted a Women’s only event to celebrate the unique and inspiring women associated with Wolter Consulting Group, for their individuality and the important difference that they offer to their profession, to our company and our industry.

And by giving back, empowering and paving the way, we live our value of citizenship.

“Diversity is respected and integral to our creativity and innovation.”

 – WCG Core Values.  

“People are at the heart of our company’s five core values,” says Michael Wolter, WCG Managing Director.  “And we passionately embrace diversity in both gender equality and culture.”

“We believe that the best ideas and solutions come about by a balanced input from all.”

“Today we celebrate the fact that our company has achieved its vision of gender equality across the business as a whole.”

“It is important for me to know that women in our company are empowered and respected at every level, and make an equal contribution to doing it better together.”

Bring on 2020! The decade of powerful women united.  Together, we can be more WOW than ever!

Happy International Women’s Day 2020!