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Leadership is what we value!


We would like to congratulate our Directors, Natalie Rayment and Andrew Crawford, and our Senior Associate Town Planner, Brad Jones, on being re-elected to the Property Council of Australia (PCA) Member Committees for 2019-2020 in Queensland.

“In order for our professional planning team to remain dynamic, responsive to industry trends and committed to high level results, it is important that we continue to be active participants in our industry institutions,” says Andrew, who has been a part of the PCA Planning Committee for two years.

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“As a member of the PCA Planning Committee, I’m up to speed on government planning reform processes and other key planning issues impacting our industry.  I appreciate the privilege and responsibility of this role in ensuring the interests of our clients and business partners are advocated and properly considered.”

While Andrew is excited to continue his participation in the Planning Committee, Natalie, who also been a Director of Wolter Consulting Group for over 10 years, is keen to diversify her involvement in professional industry groups.  Having been an active contributor of Inaugural Committee for Cities, as well as the Residential Committee prior to that, Natalie is excited to move on to the PCA’s Retirement Living Committee (Qld) for 2019-2020.

“At Wolter Consulting Group, delivering our community housing needs is our passion and retirement living is not an exception,” says Natalie.

Natalie is looking forward to contributing to the policy discussions around retirement living, recognising it as an important sector of the property industry, both in terms of growth in the context an aging population as well as ensuring quality and diverse of outcome to meet community needs and values.

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In addition to PCA committees, WCG staff are active participants of the UDIA (Qld) Seniors Living and Residential Care Committee and work closely with various consultants to ensure we stay on top of property market trends and our community needs. 

This year, our special congratulations go out to Brad Jones, Senior Associate Town Planner, who has been promoted to the Deputy Chair position on the Residential Committee with PCA (Qld) after being an active participant of that professional group for eight years and was a member of Future Directions Committee prior to that.

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“The Residential Committee has always been an excellent source of latest industry intelligence, directly from the coal face of the development industry,” says Brad.

“It’s been a privilege to have been able to serve on the PCA committees now for 10 years and I’m extremely honored to have been selected as the deputy chair for the next two years.”

At Wolter Consulting Group, Leadership is one of the core values.  We are always conscious of maintaining our active participation in major industry bodies which allows us to stay on top of the key issues affecting planning legislation, industry trends and thought leadership. We look forward to continuing our long-standing relationship with the Property Council of Australia in the future.