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The Avenues... taking it to another level


Developing a greenfield housing estate on the edge of Queensland’s Garden City can be a daunting prospect. Just minutes outside of the leafy streetscape of East Toowoomba, The Avenues of Highfields had a lot to live up to. Project developer and Highfields local, Mac Stirling and fellow project director, Stephen Bowers, were determined The Avenues would set a new standard and turned to the team from Wolters Consulting Group to ensure his vision was realised.

Having joined the project at an early stage, David Uhlmann and his team from WCG Landscape had a virtual blank slate.

“We were involved in developing the street tree masterplan that will guide all future design and development of the streetscapes,” David said.

“We also put together the masterplan for the fantastic parks that will feature in both stages two and five, as well as the entries to the development.”

A feature of stage two, the almost 7,000m2 park takes on a New York Central Park type feel, providing residents and their visitors with a massive breakout space with mature trees, large expanses of grass, a gazebo and playground equipment.

However, the highlight of the $1 million landscaping budget is the inclusion of 1,500 advanced trees throughout the development.

“We are really thrilled to have been able to help our client secure a mature tree grow-on contract with a local tree farm,” David said.

“This will ensure every stage of the development is launched with mature trees lining the streets.

“Stage one incorporates 80 trees, going a long way to fulfilling the developer’s vision of emulating the street appeal synonymous with the leafy suburbs of Toowoomba.

“The inclusion of more that 4,000 plants and shrubs across the two parks also shows the commitment and value the client places on the landscape of this development.

“It really is a landscaper’s dream to work with a client at such an early stage of a development.

“We have had a fantastic opportunity to apply our full potential to the project with the result being the best possible landscape outcome for both the client and future residents.

“I believe we have absolutely lifted the bar on the expectations for this type of development and hopefully we will see more of the same in the future.”

WCG Surveying have also had a major role in the development of The Avenues, providing the initial contour and detail survey and identification plan.

Lead surveyor, Bruce Williams said his team was also providing disclosure plans for the pre-sale of lots and plans to accompany development applications.

“We are also facilitating the rapid registration of the survey plans required for each stage,” Bruce said.

“To be involved with a project like this from the start and seeing it through to fruition is a great opportunity.

“And to be able to work alongside another division of our business in bringing the client’s vision to life is just one of the highlights of working for WCG.”