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Yeerongpilly TOD State Planning Regulatory Provision

Wolter Consulting Group were the lead planners engaged by the Qld State Government during the preparation of the State Planning Regulatory Provisions (SPRP, later to become a PDA) for the Yeerongpilly Transit Oriented Development (TOD), located between the Qld Tennis Centre and the Yeerongpilly railway station.

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    Government and Infrastructure
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    Qld Department of Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning
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  • Planning

The WCG Value add


Drafting the planning provisions, in collaboration with State Government and project team, to establish the guiding framework for the transformation of under-utilised State land into a sustainable riverfront community.

The SPRP implemented the TOD principles and outcomes under the South East Queensland Regional Plan 2009–2031 by providing a framework for the development of the Yeerongpilly TOD area consistent with the detailed plan of development.

The planning task involved:

(a) specifying the level of assessment for development which is a material change of use or Reconfiguring a Lot in the Yeerongpilly TOD area;

(b) drafting the applicable assessment criteria / benchmarks;

(c) nominating a zone to each part of the Yeerongpilly TOD Area; and

(d) managing the way overlays of the Brisbane City Plan applied to the land in respect of development which is a material change of use, Reconfiguring a Lot, building work or operational work not associated with other development.

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