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Village National Pritchard Road Country Resort Expansion

  • Type/Category

    Tourism, Sport and Recreation
  • Client

    Village National
  • Location

    35 Pritchard Road, Emerald
  • Project Value



  • Planning
  • Design

Village National Pritchard Road Country Resort is a 3 star accommodation resort with 130 rooms, offering motel-style rooms and cabins to leisure and business travellers in Emerald. Shared facilities include kitchen facilities, restaurant, meeting/conference facilities, a fitness centre and outdoor recreational area including BBQs, swimming pool and gardens. The proposed extension was to establish 36 additional cabins with additional parking and landscaped grounds, in response to increased local demand for short term accommodation.

The WCG Value add


The development application was initially refused by the local Council and our role was as expert witness in the applicant led Planning and Environment Court Appeal (No. 2390 of 2019). The grounds of appeal related to suitability of the land use and the land use definition, planning need and flood risk.


A successful case was run, demonstrating planning and economic need for the proposed extension, based on current demand, and that the proposed development would make a positive contribution to the economy of Emerald, ensuring there was a choice of accommodation available for both leisure and business travellers to the region. The absence of adverse amenity or other impacts associated with the proposed extension was also demonstrated. The matter settled without hearing, allowing the development to proceed.


Our Design team converted the original proposal plans and drawings into a standard accepted by the Council.