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The Munro Centre

52 place child care centre

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  • Client

    University of Queensland
  • Location

    7 Dell Road, St Lucia
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  • Planning

The Munro Child Care Centre is strategically co-located with the University of Queensland St Lucia Campus.  Serving as a replacement facility to the original Munro Child Care Centre which was adversely affected during Brisbane’s January 2011 floods, the new 52 place facility contributes to the supply of essential child care services within and around the St Lucia campus.  Positioned within a residential area, the Munro Centre’s architectural design effectively maintains residential scale and appropriately ameliorates any potential for off-site impacts, to protect and enhance the existing residential amenity.

The WCG Value add


  • Preparation of key planning arguments to support community facility within established residential area and address relevant amenity and streetscape requirements
  • Engaged community consultation to ensure residential amenity was considered and integrated