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Emmeline on Elizabeth

Residential Apartments in Paddington

  • Type/Category

  • Client

    Pennyjam Pty Ltd and Rooflawn Pty Ltd
  • Location

    92-94 Elizabeth Street, Paddington
  • Project Value



  • Planning
  • Design
  • Community Engagement
  • Boutique apartment building in Paddington;
  • Six dwelling units – three-bedroom product;
  • 2 and 3 storey
  • The project comprises a small scale, boutique, two-three storey apartment building and the refurbishment and renovation of a pre-1946 dwelling house. This design outcome was architecturally shaped to respond to the locality and built form context of the site and surrounding area of Paddington.
  • The residential apartment building also sought to retain, extend and renovate the existing pre-1946 house in a way that integrates comparable materials and finishes into the design to sensitively integrate the modern development with the established urban character of Elizabeth Street.

The WCG Value add


  • Strategic guidance and preparation of key planning arguments to significant superior design outcomes which are responsive to market conditions and the design intent for the site
  • Our team actively worked with Council to resolve key design challenges and planning issues, to deliver a responsive built form and reflective outcome of the locality of Paddington.

Community Engagement

  • Our team, effectively mitigated potential risks of the proposal through the use of early and on-going community engagement during the strategic planning process. Particularly, focusing around public notification.
  • Our community engagement strategy, draws from community and Councillor expectations, which ensured positive submissions for the project during public notification.
  • Our team, informed the local community and other key stakeholders with meaningful dialogue.