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Clearview Urban Village

Urban Village incorporating aged care, small lot homes, townhouses and apartments

  • Type/Category

  • Client

    Heran Building Group
  • Location

    110 D’Arcy Road, Seven Hills
  • Project Value



  • Planning
  • Design
  • Surveying
  • Community Engagement

Clearview is an urban village project incorporating the redevelopment of a former TAFE site located in the established inner city suburb of Seven Hills. Once complete, Clearview will stand out as one of Brisbane’s most significant urban village projects, transforming a selection of pre-existing TAFE buildings into aged care facilities, a mix of residential dwellings, small lot homes, townhouses, apartments and a state-of-the-art community hub.  The architectural design is focused on protecting existing vegetation and incorporates a mix of new parks and dedicated bushland areas into the site. The development strategy is the result of a comprehensive master planning process aimed at achieving the objectives and philosophies of the client, in conjunction with the desires and expectations of the local community and interest groups.

Clearview Urban Village has been awarded as a Finalist at the 2017 UDIA Queensland Consultancy Awards for Excellence.

The WCG Value add


  • Strategic guidance to project and DA strategy, culminating in an approval inside two years with no public or council appeal
  • Positive and clear community and political engagement throughout the DA phase
  • Preparation of key planning arguments to support additional height and setback variations which maximised dwelling yield and underpinned project value
  • Staging of the project to assist with project funding and reduction in project risk
  • Substantial credits for future Infrastructure Charges for the previous use of the site
  • Public and private partnership with over half of the Community Hub building to be kept for private investment for the client


  • Establishment of precinct-wide master plan with transition in building heights and building types from existing streets to minimize visual impact on existing streetscape
  • Community consultation sessions to gain feedback on initial proposals and alter master plan to meet Council and community expectations whilst maintaining development yield
  • Acceptance of higher apartment buildings in lower areas of the site where sight lines and view lines from existing residences are not significantly impacted
  • Provision of parkside units for passive surveillance and resident amenity
  • Retention of significant bushland parcel for environmental corridor and recreation purposes
  • Retention of significant trees along Foxton Street frontage for streetscape amenity through internal driveway access only
  • Establishment of project-wide landscape planting and materials palette at preliminary approval for various building typologies to reduce detailed design time on subsequent stages
  • Incorporation of significant existing trees into new park and building footprint layout
  • Utilisation of bio-tree pits in the streetscape for both street tree amenity and water treatment


  • Facilitation of all environmental approvals from Development Assessment to Operational Works;
  • Implementation of rehabilitation and restoration of 1.1 hectares of valued bushland
  • Strategic management of significant vegetation during construction processes
  • Management of fauna during the construction phase of the project
  • Creation of ecological linkage corridors to allow the successful movement of fauna through the subject site


  • Full suite of professional surveying services including cadastral, civil and topographic surveying at all phases of the development
  • Preparation of proposed volumetric survey plan based on existing community building
  • Technical advice on complex titling matters

Community Engagement

  • Coordination of the Clearview Village 'open day' as a part of the project’s community engagement approach 
  • Speaking directly with the community about their thoughts on the project, discussing the project in detail keeping the community well informed
  • Coordination of social media advertising of the Clearview open day as well as questionnaires, flyers and letter box drops within the local area to promote the engagement process and encourage the community to share their voice
  • Preparation of a detailed Community Engagement Report which was lodged with Council alongside a response to public submissions addressing the matters raised during the community engagement process