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Arise at Rochedale

Master Planned Community

  • Type/Category

    Residential Communities
  • Client

    Pask Group
  • Location

    308 Gardner Road, Rochedale
  • Project Value



  • Planning
  • Design
  • Environment
  • Surveying

Involved since the inception of Council’s neighbourhood planning process for the ‘Rochedale Urban Village’, WCG continue to provide a multi-disciplinary consultancy role to the Pask Group in their approvals strategy, sensitively unlocking the development potential of the greenfield broad-hectare area. Arise at Rochedale is currently rolling out Stage 4 of 7 primary stages of subdivision, providing approximately 550 residential house lots, extensive open space and facilities, and super lots. Notably, in 2012, approval was obtained to locate the first prominent low-to-medium rise mixed use apartment complex, ‘Abronia Apartments’, in Rochedale.

The WCG Value add


  • Master Planning which underpins the Neighbourhood Plan and improves certainty to stakeholders, whilst allowing for detailed design to optimise land use integration and development yield within the semi-rural fragmented holding
  • Progressive planning advice which supported built form performance outcomes in favour of density parameters in advance of the adoption of City Plan 2014


  • Through consistent and effective consultation with Council, we were able to progress a flexible DA framework strategy to support priority roll out of approvals and construction to meet market demand
  • Guidance on project outcomes to meet sensitive community expectations and avoiding costly P&E Court appeals. This was reflected in the Abronia Apartments application not receiving any negative submissions or feedback from the community


  • Integration of WSUD devices into park and streetscape designs, including street trees in centre-draining medians on Arise Boulevard
  • Park designs incorporating previously established planting and materials palettes
  • Acceptance through BCC Parks of non-standard BCC embellishments and park furniture (to continue project wide theming)
  • Acceptance through BCC Asset Services of combined maintenance periods across various minor lot reconfigurations to save time in on and off-maintenance process
  • Street Tree planting fully coordinated with Arise sales team to ensure no conflicts with non-standard driveways
  • Innovative and cost-effective treatment of temporary medians on Gardner Road (which will be removed for future turning lanes)


  • Land use responsive fauna and flora management plans to support integrated development and create net biodiversity increase in open space networks
  • Management and rehabilitation planting strategies for trunk infrastructure to unlock serviceability of catchment development


  • Full suite of professional surveying services including cadastral, civil and topographic surveying at all phases of the development
  • Technical advice on complex titling matters
  • Complex external infrastructure survey
  • Urgent preparation of disclosure plans to accommodate a rapid and successful pre-sales process